City of Princeton

Located in Collin County, Princeton is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. The 2010 census reported a population of 6,807, with a population forecast to reach 17,027 in 2020. Princeton is also known for being one of the largest producers of bois d’arc lumber in the state. Find more content about Allen, TX.

Princeton is also known for its rich agricultural areas, including the Blackland Prairie region. It is also home to Lake Lavon, a 22,000 acre reservoir. This lake is used for fishing, water sports, and other recreational activities. It was created by a dam on the east fork of the Trinity River. In addition, Princeton is surrounded by productive farms and horse ranches.

Princeton is also known for its fast growing rural school system, which is rated above average. The Princeton Independent School District covers 60 square miles, with a high graduation rate of 96%. The district is rated as an “A” school.

The Princeton community has a number of parks that are great for recreational activities during the summer months. These include the JM Caldwell Community Park/POW Camp and Joel Scott Park. There are also several playgrounds in the area. These playgrounds have great recreational facilities for adults and children.

There are also several dining options in Princeton. Residents can enjoy burgers at Bakers Drive-In, tacos at New Hope Grocery, and pizza at Square Burger. They can also sit down for a weekend brunch at SUBWAY, McDonald’s, or Dutch Bros Coffee. There are also dessert shops and restaurants that are popular among residents.

The Princeton community is also close to Lake Lavon. Lake Lavon was created by a dam on the east Fork of the Trinity River. The lake provides residents with a number of water sports, including water skiing, jet skiing, and boating. The area also offers picnic areas, swimming facilities, and camping areas.

In addition, Princeton residents can choose from two Mexican restaurants. The town is also known for its onion-growing center. The town was established as a post office in 1888. The post office was given the name Princeton in honor of Prince Dowlin, who was a landowner in the area.

Princeton is also home to many local farmers, which resulted in the construction of several grain elevators. The town was also a major stop on the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad, which extended from Greenville to McKinney. The town was also a major POW camp during World War II. The population remained relatively steady after WWII, with 564 residents in the mid-1920s.

In addition, Princeton is located near several large cities. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is a few miles away, and residents can easily commute to these cities. Princeton is also located near McKinney and Greenville. Several smaller towns are also located within close proximity of Princeton. Excellent city tips.

The Princeton area is one of the most diverse areas in the state. In fact, nearly 80% of the population is ethnically diverse. This makes the city a great place to live. Moreover, Princeton has plenty of affordable housing options to choose from.