City of Reinhardt

Located in Dallas County, Reinhardt is a suburb of Dallas. It was established in 1886 by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway, which went through the area. The community was named Reinhardt because of the president of the railroad, Gustave Reinhardt. In 1945, Reinhardt was annexed to Dallas. During its early days, the community supported a bank, a telegraph office and a railway station. It was the only stop between Dallas and Garland. Find more details here.

Before the Santa Fe Railroad came through the area, the area was known as Ola. Originally, it was on land granted by W. S. B. Anderson. In 1886, the railroad passed through the community and built a station. In 1900, a new school was built near the railroad. The Hart family donated land for the new school building. In 1920, two teachers taught all grades. The school became a part of the Dallas County school system.

The railroad officials agreed to name the station after Reinhardt, so the town became known as Reinhardt, Texas. The town’s population increased to 100 in 1945. The community supported a telegraph office and a general store, and one school had 35 black pupils. There were three churches in the community. It was a quiet community with a neighborly feel. Go to this area near Dallas.

The area also had a black cemetery located near the railroad tracks. According to the Texas State Historical Association, the name “Reinhardt” is derived from the name of Gustave Reinhardt, the railroad president.

Reinhardt was a good place to live in the 1930s, as the Federal Housing Administration encouraged home building. In the 1940s, the community was an overnight stop for travelers. During World War II, the John E. Mitchell Company produced munitions and auto air conditioners. It had a liberal hiring policy.

The area also had a post office. In the 1930s, the post office was closed. The reason for the closure was the growth of the city of Dallas and the spread of a rural free delivery system. There were two drugstores in the community.

In the 1940s, a local physician lived in the area. The railroad station and post office were used by Reinhardt folk for their mail. In 1900, the community had three churches and a black school with 35 students.

The community also supported a telegraph office and gin. The town had a bank and a hotel. In 1932, the town had a cotton gin. The Santa Fe Railroad went through the area, and the Dixon Branch entered White Rock Lake a mile to the west.

In 1945, the community became part of the Dallas ISD school district. The school was named Reinhardt Elementary. In the 2020-2021 school year, it had 471 students. It was ranked a B in accountability. The average teacher had 13.8 years of experience. The school was rated as a B in the state’s best schools list.