Me? Well, I will start with the important stuff.

I am a husband and a father. There is nothing more important to me than my faith and my family. My favorite things in life are making memories with my family and stealing my wife away on a fun getaway.

Roofing is my job, but it comes from a passion for building. My hobbies include woodworking, 3D Printing, and DIY home projects. If I am not building something with my hands, you’ll probably find me staring through a camera lens trying capture astronomical objects, celestial events, or the night sky. I love me some astrophotography.

Here is some less important stuff that also makes me who I am.

I graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Biological Sciences. I played varsity golf at Mississippi State and even played professionally for a few years after graduation. I had a blast in college. I played saxophone in the Jazz Band, was president of the M-Club (a student-athlete community service organization), and was a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization.

When it came time to get a real job, I went to work for a large medical device company. I worked my way up to territory manager, and I was responsible for managing the procurement of medical devices for all the major hospitals in DFW. I worked with some great people and did really well, but I got tired of the inefficiency and red tape in big business. Like I said, I am a builder. So, I left to build Tejas from the ground up.

A good day for me is when I get to save a neighbor from the hassle and stress of navigating an insurance claim and give them a brand new texas tough roof. I love my job.