Illuminating the Past: The Scott Self Lighthouse Shines in Rockwall, TX

A beacon of history stands tall in the heart of Rockwall, Texas – The Scott Self Lighthouse at the Harbor. This iconic structure, steeped in maritime lore, has symbolized resilience and community spirit for over a century. Information can be found here.

A Guiding Light Through Time

Built in 1912, the Scott Self Lighthouse has weathered literal and metaphorical storms. Originally constructed to aid ships navigating the treacherous waters of Lake Ray Hubbard, it has since become a cherished symbol of Rockwall’s heritage. See here for information about A Gem of Serenity Unveiled: The Harbor Rockwall’s Great Wishing Fountain.

Preserving History

The lighthouse is a testament to the determination of the community to preserve its past. Over the years, it has undergone careful restoration, ensuring that its classic charm endures for generations. Visitors can explore the lighthouse’s rich history through guided tours, learning about its importance to sailors and the local community.

A Community Icon

Beyond its historical significance, the Scott Self Lighthouse stands as a symbol of community unity. It serves as a gathering place for events, festivals, and celebrations, bringing residents together in the spirit of camaraderie.

Future Plans

The lighthouse is set to continue its role as a beacon of Rockwall’s heritage. Plans are in motion to enhance the visitor experience, with interactive exhibits and expanded tours on the horizon.


The Scott Self Lighthouse at the Harbor in Rockwall, TX, is more than just a navigational aid; it’s a living testament to the city’s history and resilience. As it continues to shine brightly, it reminds us of preserving our past while embracing the future. Visit this remarkable landmark and let its light guide you through the pages of history.