Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Rockwall TX is an attractive Texas town. It is a thriving community that offers plenty of entertainment, a great quality of life and affordable homes. Rockwall is also home to many of the most prominent manufacturers in the state.

Rockwall, Texas is a town that has grown at an accelerated rate. In 1990, the city had an estimated population of 10,486. In 2000, the population had increased to 17,976. During that time, the city’s population increased by three percent. In fact, Rockwall has been named the fastest growing county in the state.

Rockwall is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, which is a popular recreation area for residents. In addition to fishing and jet skiing, residents can visit the marinas on the lake. In addition to the lake, residents can enjoy many sports complexes and green spaces in Rockwall. Those looking for a peaceful escape can enjoy trail rides. Those interested in a more adventurous experience can take a zipline. Rockwall also has a number of golf courses, as well. There are a number of shopping options in the area, including downtown Rockwall, where visitors can enjoy the many restaurants and shops.

In addition to being a wonderful town, Rockwall also has an excellent educational system. The Rockwall Independent School District serves close to 16,000 students. The district is known for its excellence in academics and athletics. It has a student-teacher ratio of 17:1. There are also several charter schools in the district.

Rockwall is also home to five five-star rated schools. In addition to these, there are several schools with A ratings. The school district is ranked among the top public school districts in the state. In addition, Rockwall is one of the fastest growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In fact, the city is the fastest growing in the Dallas area.

Rockwall’s growth can be traced to the construction of Lake Ray Hubbard. This lake increased the available water supply for the area and added income for the county. In addition, new housing developments in the vicinity of the lake provided more income for the area. In fact, Rockwall is now the smallest county in the state geographically.

In addition to being the county seat, Rockwall also served as a shipping point for many agricultural products. The community was also a popular marriage spot. Travelers stopped in Rockwall to begin their new lives. The community was home to a seed cleaning plant and a feed mill. In addition, the Rockwall High School was located on Clark Street. In 1893, Wells College opened a campus in Rockwall. Don’t miss this information.

There are numerous events and festivals throughout the year in Rockwall. During the winter, downtown Rockwall hosts several holiday celebrations. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the Farmers’ Market. The market is open every Saturday from May through September. Visitors can also enjoy live music and a local coffee roaster.

In addition to the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum, the town also has a number of other museums and galleries. Some of the galleries are dedicated to preserving the heritage of Rockwall. One of the museums displays a map of possible locations of the rock formations. Another museum is dedicated to the Stodghill farm. Several farm rocks were placed on the Rockwall County Courthouse, but it was incorrectly placed. Great article about Rockwall.

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