Located on the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Texas is a small town that is a stone’s throw away from Dallas. It was originally part of Kaufman County, but split from the county when the state of Texas joined the Union in 1847. In 1873 Rockwall became the county seat of Rockwall County.

It was also the location of the National Road of the Republic, which crossed the East Fork of the Trinity River. The road was one of the most travelled routes in the country, and it was a stop on the way to the west. Some of the travelers stopped at Rockwall to start a new life. Shirts and apparel can be found here.

Rockwall is home to a variety of schools and businesses, and has a strong infrastructure. Its public schools have been ranked among the best in the state. In fact, the Rockwall Independent School District is one of the top ten school districts in the state. There are sixteen elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools in Rockwall. It is also home to seven four-star rated schools.

There are numerous parks and green spaces in the area. There are also several holiday celebrations in December and May. The Rockwall Farmers Market is one of the best in the area. It is held every Saturday from May to September. The market has more than thirty vendors. During the summer, you can even pet a local rescue dog. There is also a spring fling event in March and Halloween festivities in October.

Another interesting site in Rockwall is the Rockwall Rock Wall. It is a rock formation that has been excavated several times. However, the origin of the wall remains a mystery. It is estimated to be over 80 feet deep. Although the origin of the rock wall is not clear, some people think that it was the work of an ancient civilization. Others believe that it is a natural phenomenon. This Rockwall company is great.

The Rockwall Museum is located in the oldest residential house in town. It has a wide array of artifacts from the area. It has also been called the Oar House. In the 1840s, the Boydstun family moved into the area. They donated forty acres to the town. Eventually, the community became a marriage mecca. The first full-time pastor was Rev. James McDugald.

The Rockwall County Extension Program serves a diverse population. It is directed by the Rockwall County Leadership Advisory Board. It is a voluntary organization that coordinates local governments. It also enables joint decisions.

The Rockwall Farmers Market is the best in the area. There are over thirty vendors at this market, including a coffee roaster and a local rescue dog. There are also several events held in the downtown area. These include a spring fling in March, and Shop Small Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Rockwall Museum is also home to a few surprises.

In the early 19th century, Creek Indians moved to the area. This is when they began to discover the rock formations. Originally, these rocks appeared to be long, brick-like structures. However, it was later discovered that they were actually natural sandstone dikes.

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