Located 23 miles north of Dallas, Rockwall, Texas is a thriving community with an exceptional quality of life. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, the area offers a variety of housing options. In addition to the popular downtown historic district, the city offers a variety of parks, trails, and green spaces. In addition, the city has been recognized as the Free Live Music Capital of North Texas, with an abundance of live music events throughout the year. In addition to the live music events, the Rockwall area hosts various holiday celebrations in December, including a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a holiday parade.

Rockwall is part of the Dallas Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area. The community was originally incorporated in 1854 and split from Kaufman County in 1873. In 2000, Rockwall had 17,976 residents. The population is estimated to grow another 17 percent in the next five years.

The city of Rockwall is located on the East Fork of the Trinity River. The town is also home to three major golf courses. Other features of the area include the Rockwall Museum, which houses a variety of artifacts relating to Rockwall’s history. The town is also home to a winery, VineCrafters. This winery produces several different kinds of wines from its grapes. This site is excellent.

Rockwall is home to several parks and green spaces, including a 35-square-mile lake called Lake Ray Hubbard. There are also several trails in the area, including a zip line, disc golf, and hiking trails. There are several shopping options in the downtown area as well. The town is also home to numerous events, such as the Spring Fling, a holiday celebration in March and the Cinco de Mayo celebration in May. In addition, there are several events that take place in the downtown area during the summer months.

The area was once occupied by the Caddo Indians. In the 19th century, the Creek Indians moved to the area and settled into the area. After the Indians disappeared, the area was occupied by farmers from Blackland and Heath, Texas.

Rockwall County was formed in 1873. In the 1940 census, Rockwall County had 7,071 residents. The population grew during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. In 1984, Rockwall County had 3,554 workers in various occupations. Two-thirds of the workers were in the real estate and retail industry. In addition, workers in the insurance, finance, and construction industries were also employed in Rockwall County. More information.

Rockwall County voted for President Barack Obama in 2008. The city also voted for Senator Barack Obama in 2008. Rockwall County has a strong Democratic leanings. Currently, the city is represented by Republican Pat Fallon. Several businesses are located in the city, including a winery, aerospace companies, and packaging. In addition, Rockwall is home to five colleges and universities that have been ranked as four-star campuses.

The city of Rockwall is located in Texas’ Congressional District 4th. It is considered one of the most progressive cities in the Dallas metroplex. In addition, the city has a strong economy and many parks and green spaces.

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