Originally known as Kaufman County, Rockwall, Texas became a separate county in 1873. In 1970, the population was estimated at over 3,000. It was considered to be a small town compared to Dallas, but grew rapidly after the construction of Lake Ray Hubbard. By the early 1990s, the population had reached 10,486. In 2000, the population had reached 17,976. This is one of the five fastest growing counties in the United States. Great information on this site.

Rockwall’s population grew even faster after World War II. The community also experienced a major surge in the 1970s and 1980s. This rapid growth influenced the community’s demographics and business opportunities. In 1988, Rockwall had 5,939 residents. By 1990, the census enumerators reported the population to be 10,486.

In the 1990s, the city of Rockwall had a median family income of $75,000. This is higher than the state average. The majority of Rockwall’s residents are Caucasian. The median family income is 30 percent higher than the state average. There are also many residents who are educated. Sixty-six percent of Rockwall’s residents have at least a bachelor’s degree and 61 percent of the residents are highly educated. These numbers are much higher than the national averages.

Rockwall is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. In fact, the city is one of the five fastest growing counties in Texas. Rockwall County has a median family income of more than $75,000. This is more than 30 percent higher than the state average. In addition, Rockwall is home to seven four-star rated schools.

Rockwall has a thriving foodie movement. The city is home to several locally owned restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area are The Fatted Calf, Zanata, Standard Service, and Bin 303. The Fatted Calf is a great brunch spot. It serves killer house sangria. It also has a very cozy vibe. Standard Service serves up rustic-luxe cuisine. Bin 303 has a Texas-inspired menu. There are many more restaurants in the area.

Rockwall’s downtown is a fun place to visit. It has a small-town vibe with historic false-front buildings. The downtown is home to many events throughout the year. In May, there is a farmer’s market, and in the summer months, there are live music events. In December, there are several holiday celebrations. Other events include Spring Fling in March, Cinco de Mayo in May, and Shop Small Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts from the area. The museum features a map of the rock formations, as well as photographs of the carved out corners of an alleged buried city. It also has a proposal for preserving the rock wall. The city of Rockwall has not renewed this proposal, however, and plans to display part of the “wall” as a park. More Rockwall information.

Regardless of whether or not the rock wall is a natural formation or a manmade structure, the mystery is part of what makes it so intriguing. In addition, Rockwall has been designated a Texas Main Street City. The town’s downtown is also home to the Rockwall Farmers’ Market. The market is held on Saturdays from May through September. It features a variety of vendors, including fresh peaches and honey from Texas bees.

Point of Interest #1 la Madeleine, 987 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX 75087

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