Located just 23 miles east of Dallas, Rockwall, Texas is an exciting town with a small-town charm and plenty of attractions. It’s also a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, making it a great place to live. In fact, Rockwall is projected to be the fastest-growing city in Texas in the next five years. It has also recently been designated as a Texas Main Street City. Great information

Rockwall was founded in April 1854, when Elijah Elgin donated forty acres of land to establish a town. The community’s name came from a stone wall discovered in 1851. Rockwall became the county seat of Rockwall County in 1873, when it split from Kaufman County. During the 1960s, Rockwall experienced a dramatic change in its economy. During the same period, Lake Ray Hubbard was built, which allowed people to access Dallas more easily. This helped Rockwall become a growing community and gave it a new focus. In 2000, Rockwall’s population reached 17,976. Its population is projected to grow another 17% in the next five years.

Rockwall is home to a number of parks and sports facilities. These include the Rockwall Indoor Sports Expo, which is located on South 205. There are also numerous hiking trails and pickleball courts. The parks also host a variety of musical events. These range from one-day festivals to series that last several months.

A major shopping center is also located in downtown Rockwall. There are a number of charming stores, as well as restaurants. During the summer months, the town hosts a farmers market that attracts shoppers from throughout the area. In the fall, Rockwall hosts Halloween festivities. In December, there are several holiday celebrations. The Rockwall Farmers Market features over thirty vendors and a local coffee roaster.

There are also three major golf courses located in Rockwall. There are also a number of parks and sports complexes, including the Landing Point complex with a zipline and Texas International Fencing Center.

Downtown Rockwall has a bustling economy with many high-end restaurants and stores. There are also a number of events held in the downtown area, including a farmers market, spring and fall festivals, and a fall tree lighting ceremony.

Rockwall is also known as the Live Music Capital of North Texas. Music lovers can catch a show at one of Rockwall’s five monthly live music festivals. In addition, there are several annual events, including Cinco de Mayo and Spring Fling. Some of these events feature free live music.

Rockwall is also home to a number of museums, including the Rockwall Museum, which is housed in the oldest residential house in town. The museum also features a collection of local artifacts. In addition to the museum, there is also a Rockwall Rock Wall, which is said to be a natural phenomenon.

The city of Rockwall has proposed to display a portion of the rock wall as part of a park. There is no guarantee that the city will follow through with this idea. It’s possible that the rock wall was a natural formation that was manipulated by prior civilizations. Next Rockwall article

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