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Best Places To Live In Rockwall TX

Whether you are a young person just starting out or a parent looking for the best places to live, Rockwall TX has plenty to offer. From a highly diverse community to affordable housing, you’ll find it easy to see why so many people move to this city.

Cost of living

Located east of Dallas, Rockwall, TX is a waterside town on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard. It is a small city that maintains a family-oriented feel. It is also a popular retirement destination in Texas. The overall cost of living in Rockwall is higher than the national average. Its cost of living index is 110, which is 10% higher than the national average.

There are several factors that determine the cost of living in Rockwall, TX. The cost of living index is based on the cost of six categories: groceries, housing, health care, transportation, and utilities.

The cost of living in Rockwall, TX is a bit higher than the national average, although it is a bit cheaper than the rest of the DFW metroplex. The median home price in Rockwall is $261,400. There are a few different factors that determine the cost of living in Rockwall, such as the age of the population, the average household income, and the real estate market.

Using the cost of the living calculator from PayScale can help you figure out what the costs of living in Rockwall are. The calculator breaks down monthly expenses by category. You can also use the calculator to find out what the cost of living is in your own city.

A good rule of thumb is to allocate no more than 28 percent of your gross income to housing expenses. This includes your monthly mortgage, property taxes, and utilities.

School district

Located in Rockwall, Texas, the Rockwall Independent School District provides academic services to approximately 16,100 students. The school district includes three middle schools, two high schools, and 15 elementary schools.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the Rockwall ISD had 16,859 students. The district earned an A rating from the Texas Education Agency.

Rockwall Independent School District is a public school district that serves Rockwall, Heath, and Fate. The district focuses on providing students with diverse intellectual development and social development.

The Rockwall Independent School District includes three middle schools, two high schools, an alternative education program, and a college and career academy. The district also offers training in different sports activities.

The district spends $5,274.3 million on instruction and support services. The average per-student expenditure is $8,445.

The school district has a student-to-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 and a total of 2,600 employees. For the upcoming school year, teachers in Rockwall ISD will make an average of $57,429.

The school district is a part of the Region 10 area of the Texas Education Agency. Rockwall ISD is among the fastest-growing districts in Texas. The district expects to increase its student population by 2,000 over the next five years. The district also plans to build two more elementary schools.

The district provides maps and pictures of homes, as well as general information. In addition, the school district offers a student achievement data page.

Downtown district

Located 23 miles northeast of downtown Dallas, Rockwall, Texas is a quaint lakeside community. Its population is estimated to be around 50,000 people.

The city’s main claim to fame is the 35-square-mile Lake Ray Hubbard. The lake’s 35-mile shoreline is home to trails and parks. It is also the home of several four-star schools. The town has also recently been named one of the best places to live. Its population is projected to grow another 17% over the next five years.

Downtown Rockwall, Texas has a diverse restaurant scene. You can find traditional Italian, steakhouses, and casual outdoor space. Some of the more unique restaurants include Zanata, a wood-fired pizza place.

The town also has a unique live/work district. In addition to being home to several entertainment venues, it is also a great place to do some serious shopping.

Downtown Rockwall is also home to a number of festivals, including the Founder’s Day Festival in March, a Halloween party in October, and the Spring Fling in March. In addition to its impressive restaurants, downtown Rockwall is also home to an art gallery. In the summer, the town hosts a farmers’ market.

Rockwall is also home to its own winery, VineCrafters. The company produces several wines from its grapes. You can sample the wines on their tours.

Downtown Rockwall also has an art deco county courthouse and several historic storefronts. The courthouse is surrounded by a number of restored 19th-century storefronts.


Countless jobs are on offer in Rockwall, TX. These include full time and part time positions, as well as temp and temp to perm positions. Those who are looking to relocate to the metroplex will find that this city is the perfect place to call home. The state of Texas is known for its affordability and is home to some of the best cities in the country. The state’s booming economy is reflected in a low unemployment rate. Those with a itch to relocate to Texas will be rewarded with a low cost of living and plenty of job opportunities. In fact, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, the state is home to 13 million jobs, surpassing the pre-pandemic tally by a full million.

The state is also home to some of the largest workforces in some of the state’s biggest industries. These include manufacturing, retail, banking, and insurance. In fact, the state’s largest industry, manufacturing, is expected to add over 20,000 jobs this year. The state is home to several cities with job opportunities to rival those found in larger metropolises. If you’re looking to relocate to Texas, take a look at the state’s job listings today. Those with a itch to move on from the corporate rat race will find that the state’s job market is a gold mine. In fact, according to the Texas Workforce commission, the state’s unemployment rate is only 4.8%, which is a full percentage point below the national average.

Housing costs

Located 20 miles from downtown Dallas, Rockwall, TX is one of the smallest counties in Texas. Although it’s not a particularly large city, it’s still got a lot to offer. Some of the best neighborhoods are the Stone Creek and Chandlers Landing areas. It also happens to be a very affordable place to live. The median listing price of a single family home was $565K in October 2022.

Several hundred restaurants and shops can be found within the city limits. It’s also got a decent sized downtown, complete with a town square that hosts an open air market on a regular basis. There are a few fun things to do in Rockwall, notably the Art League art walk and the Ray Hubbard Lake. The city also got a boost when the Texas Department of Transportation opened a new light rail line connecting Rockwall to Dallas.

There’s a lot of talk about the housing costs in Rockwall, Texas, but it’s not exactly clear what the COVID-19 pandemic has done to the market. Nevertheless, the median apartment rental in the city has increased 12.8% over the past year. While it’s impossible to make definitive statements about the city’s housing market, a few key indicators can be used to better understand the market’s topography. A good place to start is with a detailed apartment market report, such as the ones provided by Yardi Matrix.


Among the top five cities in Texas, Rockwall has the lowest percentage of people born in the United States and the highest proportion of unwed mothers. The population density is just over 1,677 people per square mile. Rockwall is also home to one of the top-ranked school districts in the state.

Rockwall, Texas is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. The city is a great place to live. It is known for its sparse, suburban feel and its many parks. The city spans over 30 miles. Rockwall is also the county seat of Rockwall County, Texas.

The city has a population of 45,168. The population increase is just over 20 percent from the previous census. The city has the third-highest median age in the greater Rockwall region. The average household size is 3.2. The average household income is $113,802 per year. The city has a low poverty rate of 3.48%.

The Rockwall Independent School District has 16,987 students. The student-to-teacher ratio is higher than the state average. The average teacher has 13 years of experience. It spends $5,274.3 million per year on instruction and support services. The average teacher’s salary is $57,825 per year.

The Rockwall Independent School District serves students from a variety of ethnic groups. The district has 40% minority enrollment and serves 0.7% of American Indian or Alaska Native students. The district’s student population is comprised of 51% white students and 49% students of other races.