S22 Sweet Tooth Hotel – Watters Creek

Founded by Jencey and Cole Keeton, Sweet Tooth Hotel is an immersive art experience. It is located at 877 Watters Creek Blvd, Allen, TX 75013. The Keetons have been working with local and national artists to create a space where guests can fully explore the artist’s vision. The exhibitions have included large-scale new media productions and retro-futurism. In addition to interactive elements, the exhibits feature emerging artists from all over the country. Get the best information.

Sweet Tooth Hotel’s latest pop-up, Rewind, is now open at Watters Creek in Allen, TX. This unique art experience is layered with nostalgia and features hidden spaces and cult favorites from previous exhibits. Visitors will find large-scale interactive installations, photo ops and secret doors. Tickets are general admission and cost $20. Guests will also be able to purchase a scavenger hunt at the door for extra interactive fun.

The Rewind exhibit is currently only open in Allen, TX, but a new Sweet Tooth Hotel exhibit is coming to Elm Street in downtown Dallas in April of 2022. The new location will be in a 6,000 square-foot former gym. The new Sweet Tooth Hotel will offer nine gallery spaces and a lounge with a special cocktail menu. The venue is also planning to host multiple performance events. Amazing content.

Sweet Tooth Hotel’s next exhibition, called Dreamland, will open on Friday, October 29. This exhibit will feature works by over 100 Texas artists. It was created to bridge the gap between the art market and artists. In addition to large-scale interactive installations, visitors will be able to climb through walls. Each work will be installed in its own room, making it easy to explore.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a special cocktail lounge sponsored by Calirosa Tequila. This cocktail includes vodka and champagne. It is topped with cotton candy and a sugar rim. It is a perfect photo op.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of other interactive moments at the Sweet Tooth Hotel. Visitors can purchase a special cocktail with Calirosa Tequila, which is owned by Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. The cocktail is bottled and aged in red wine barrels. This cocktail packs a punch. Visitors can also enjoy a special scavenger hunt, which features hidden works throughout the space. Visitors will also have access to a special gift shop, which features goods from local brands. The gift shop is sponsored by Leatherology, a Dallas-based company that sells goods from popular brands.

Sweet Tooth Hotel will be the biggest pop-up exhibition to date. It will also be the first to feature a scavenger hunt. Tickets are available through the Sweet Tooth Hotel website. The ticket includes a souvenir hotel key and the scavenger hunt. Tickets can be purchased in advance for fast entry.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel will have nine gallery spaces, a lounge with a special cocktail menu and a gift shop. The venue is also planning to host multiple art-based performance events. It will also be the first to feature an upcoming motel.