S27 Rainbow Vomit

Located at 3609 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75226, Rainbow Vomit is a new art installation and immersive art experience that transports visitors to a world of sound, light, and fantasy. The installation features over 6,000 LEDs, five miles of ribbon, and more than 100 pounds of cotton.

The creators of Rainbow Vomit were a group of everyday people who didn’t have any formal art training. They believed that anyone could become an artist. They took inspiration from comic books, pop art, and Andy Warhol. They formed a team of fifteen artists to build the installation. Each section of the installation offers a unique visual experience. For example, the waiting area is designed to look like an office with a black and white “fireplace” and office desk. There is also a photo op room in the installation. Guests can get a photo taken with various props. The installation is wheelchair accessible. More information.

The installation is open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30am – 9:30pm. Tickets start at $15. Each ticket is good for one entry. Visitors should arrive 15 minutes before their time slot. Guests should bring a fully charged cell phone. The experience is family friendly and wheelchair accessible. It is recommended that guests purchase tickets in advance. If they can’t make it to the day they plan on visiting, they can purchase tickets for the following day. The venue is available for private events. It is also an excellent venue for a corporate event.

Rainbow Vomit offers a number of photo opportunities that are perfect for Instagram. There are twenty different photo spots to choose from. Customers will have the option to have their photos taken with a professional photographer. Guests will also have an extra thirty minutes to shoot photos. The facility also features a Kissing Booth, a unicorn, and a life-size unicorn.

The waiting area also features a rainbow tap. This is where the staff will come to assist with picture taking as needed. The installation features several different styles of art and a number of LED lights. The space was designed to look like a scene from a comic book. Visitors can also become the hero of their own comic and have their picture taken.

The Rainbow Vomit experience is a unique and immersive art experience that transports guests to a world of sound, light, color, and fantasy. It is also a great location for corporate events and parties. Rainbow Vomit is open through February 18. Visitors will have access to the installation during regular business hours, but it is recommended that guests arrive before their scheduled time. It is a fun and exciting experience that is guaranteed to get you and your guests in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Next article.

Tickets for Rainbow Vomit should be purchased in advance. The space is very popular, so it is recommended that guests arrive early. Rainbow Vomit is open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30am-9:30pm. It is also accessible to wheelchair users. It is a family-friendly, interactive art experience that offers a number of different photo opportunities. Visitors can purchase a Pro Photo Package, which includes an extra thirty minutes for shooting photos.