City of Lavon Lake Lodges

Located just 22 miles from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Lavon Lake Lodges Texas offers plenty of outdoor activities, local shopping and dining, and retirement communities. With a variety of vacation rental homes available, the area offers something for everyone. View the next article.

The Lavon Lake Lodges area is known for its cozy homes. The neighborhood dates back to 1931, but development has continued throughout the years. The homes are surrounded by woods, which provide for excellent wildlife sightings. These homes are also very affordable.

There are several parks in the area, including the Mallard Park and the East Fork Park. These parks offer swim beaches and a boat ramp. The area is also home to two concessions that operate full-service marinas. If you want to take a boat to the lake, you need to purchase a permit. The permit request must be submitted by mail.

A number of fishing guides are available to help you scout the waters. Texas Parks and Wildlife regularly stocks Florida-strain largemouth bass in the lake. The USACE also maintains several wildlife areas along the lake. In addition to fishing, Lake Lavon offers opportunities to kite surf, water ski, and sail.

The area is home to several coves and bays. It is also a popular place for wind surfing. Avalon Park is also located near Lavon Lake. The park has a swim beach, but there are no lifeguards on duty.

The Lavon Lake Lodges, Texas area has a moderate risk of wildfires. This risk is based on the percentage of properties at risk. In fact, there are 78 properties in the area that are at risk for wildfires within the next 30 years. In order to reduce this risk, the properties have been protected to a higher standard. This reduces the number of properties that are severely affected.

The area is also known for its white tail deer sustainability. The area is managed for these animals, and there is no hunting permitted until the population rises. It is also not allowed to camp in the area. There are no private docks available on the lake.

For larger groups, Farm Lane is a great option. This property has 50 acres, and it is perfect for a family reunion or to hold a party. The property is also gated, making it a safe place to stay. The house has two bedrooms, and a large kitchen with a dining area. The kitchen has a stove, oven, and microwave. It also has a kitchen table and chairs. There is a full bathroom with a walk-in shower. There is also a fireplace in the living room. There is also a pool table. This home has a beautiful view of the lake. Find out more here.