S1 Futuro House

Originally commissioned as a ski lodge, the Futuro House made a splash in Finland and the world. It was a bold architectural creation that was originally designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. Come and explore this amazing destination at 9573 TX-276, Royse City, TX 75189.

The design was meant to be a stylish, durable home, and could be assembled in a variety of locations. The structure was designed to be durable and easy to clean. It featured built-in furniture and porthole windows. It also came with a small kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. However, it never reached commercial success. It was sold in fewer than 100 locations worldwide. View the next article

A couple of Midwestern entrepreneurs are now preparing to launch new versions of the Futuro house, based on Suuronen’s original design. The houses will be a lot larger than the original and will be able to function as a fully-functional living space. In addition to the houses, the company has received requests to deliver Futuros to specific cities. These houses could be used as a roadside attraction, a campground or even a tourist attraction.

The first Futuro house was built in 1968, and quickly caught the attention of the press. It was featured in the New York Times on July 20th, 1969. It was also showcased at the Finnfocus Export Fair in London.

The house featured a unique shape, made of 16 individual parts. It had an open design with a hatch entrance in place of a door. It was meant to be easy to assemble in rough terrain. It was also meant to be cheap. The Futuro house was painted a yellow color, which attracted international attention. Read More

In August 1968, Matti Kuusla, a Finnish television person, bought the yellow Futuro no. 001. The house was then displayed on the upper deck of the Finnpartner ferry. It attracted hundreds of visitors who wanted to see it.

The original plan was for the Futuro to be used as a skiing lodge, but it quickly became more of a crash pad for young people. After the oil crisis of 1973, production of the house was suspended. The company did not have the necessary experience to launch the Futuro on a large scale.

Some of the houses have been demolished and others are in disrepair. Some are being preserved by architecture aficionados, and others are being converted into glamping accommodations. Some are also being used for film shoots and art installations. It is estimated that fewer than 50 remain in the Royse City, Texas field.

While the Futuro house never reached the expected commercial success, it has become a popular icon for fans of architecture. It has been featured in various films and music videos. It is a fixture of local culture in the DFW area, and people from all over the world stop by to see it.

The Futuro house has also found a new purpose as a community art space. It has been used for local film shoots, music videos, and other art projects. It is also available for rent.